Idaho Beverage Services

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Idaho Beverage Services

Alcohol service can be crucial to the overall profitability of an event. It can also be one of the most difficult aspects to manage. That is where Idaho Beverage Services comes in.

We work with you, the client, prior to the event. In this initial planning stage we get an overview of the layout, projected attendance, previous problematic areas, and help you Imagineer your event.

After the planning stage we take everything off your plate. Our company brings in and sets up the bar(s), handles all staffing, works with sponsors and distributors for the product, coordinates alcohol security, and handles all licensing for the event.

When the event has concluded we break down and pack up all of our equipment, take all leftover product with us, and ensure the area we left looks like it did before we set up.

Our method has proven itself time and again, both in profitability and in alcohol safety, as well as easing the burden of the event coordinators.
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Arika Howell
PO Box 2234
Salem, OR 97308
Phone: 208.408.0040
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